PristineWellness Center

PristineWellness Center is located in Laguna Woods, Ca. We offer Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, Avicenna High Power Class IV Laser Treatments, Far Infrared Massage, Clinical Massage, G5 Massage Therapy, Rapid Release Technology (RRT), Neuromuscular MNT-Bars, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization,  Gua Sha, Gliding Cupping, Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercises, Omni Gym (Yoga-Swing), pH Balancing, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, Rumble Roller Therapy, and Earthing or Grounding the human body. We also offer an all natural SuperFood Meal Replacement Program that helps the body heal, lose weight or maintain weight, build lean muscle mass, and protect itself from environmental pollutants, and slow or even reverse the aging process.

We also operate a PristineHydro™ Water Vending Store at our Laguna Woods location; we sell Cold Brewed PristineHydro™ Acid Free, High Alkaline pH Water for $3.00 a gallon, We have a full line of BPA Free plastic containers, as well a full line of glass bottles ranging form 1/2 gallon, one gallon, and three gallon, and a full line of refillable Sports Water Bottles, crocks and stands.

We believe the water you drink is the most important component for improving individual health. By combining the best technologies we produce the best tasting, acid free, highly alkaline, appropriately mineralized living water of unparalleled quality to support your efforts to live a healthy life.

Our state of the art equipment and highly trained professional staff will leave you feeling healthier, looking radiant, and anticipating your next visit.

Feel free to visit us from: 10am-7pm Mon.-Fri. & 11am-6pm Sat.

Or simply call us to schedule an appointment (949) 581-9191

PristineWellness Center Protocol

The GC Method was developed by Glen Caulkins. It is a massage technique that is rendered via specific deep tissue manipulations, Thai Yoga Massage, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, glide cupping, Rumble Rollers, and Class IV Laser, and is typically combined with traditional modalities such as: far infrared thermal massage, spinal decompression, and passive/active rehabilitation. The GC Method uses proprietary techniques that release soft tissue at the deepest level, erasing and unlocking trauma memories and calcification i.e. we seek to open neuromuscular pathways and free the unhealthy binding of tissue and allow the muscles and bones to return to balanced relationships.

For many people, The PristineWellness Protocol has become a part of the way they take care of their lives and reduce stress and tension. Because many of the effects of The PristineWellness approach are cumulative, clients most often appreciate and will benefit most from a series of sessions. One of the most potent aspects of The PristineWellness Protocol is the ability to recall the feeling of deep relaxation, and how it feels to move freely and easily.

The purpose of the PristineWellness Protocol is to improve muscle tone and restore length, flexibility, and function, erase or inactivate trigger points, break up calcification, and allow regeneration and revitalization of the whole body.

While each treatment is based upon a prescribed methodology, your PristineWellness consultant tailors the approach to each client’s needs. Therapeutic and bio-mechanically correct equipment utilized by PristineWellness assists the consultant to obtain optimal access to the human structure. Clients typically experience immediate results, even after just one session. Most people notice a permanent postural change. Functionally, clients achieve a much greater range of motion and a significant decrease or complete elimination of pain; energetically, they often feel better than they have in years.

This innovative approach to education, health, and bodywork will show you ways to reduce or eliminate pain, depression, allergies, and fatigue.

The PristineWellness Center will help you restore your health and vitality.

Clinical Massage

Clinical Massage is a highly specialized therapeutic technique that focuses on both the evaluation and the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction through manual manipulation. The purpose of Clinical Massage Therapy is to develop, maintain, rehabilitate, or augment the physical function of the tissue. Using the latest Clinical Massage techniques to help manage acute or chronic pain, our goal is to help our clients maintain a bio-mechanical and neuromuscular balance to keep them free of pain. We also take the time to educate our clients so that they can take an active role in maintaining their own health.

Clinical Massage Therapy can help you if you suffer from any acute or chronic pain, including:

  • referred pain
  • recurrent pain
  • calcified muscles
  • muscle tension
  • low energy levels, especially when accompanied by muscle aches and pains
  • muscular injury that generates unrelated pain or dysfunction
  • visceral dysfunction that tests negative for conventional causes

About Glen Caulkins, NCBTMB

Glen’s proficiency is in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction through manual manipulation. Glen employs multiple protocols including deep tissue, trigger point, and laser therapies. Glen Caulkins, N.C.M.T. is a Nationally Certified Clinical Massage Therapist in private practice at Pristine Wellness, in Laguna Hills, California. He has been a prominent professional in his field of expertise for more than 40 years.

Glen has worked with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and many top innovators in the field of manual therapy. Glen is dedicated to helping others achieve their optimum health and performance potential, and encourages his clients to take an active role in maintaining their own health. Glen has done bodywork on many of the worlds top athletes.

Kelly Slater / 11 Time ASP World Tour Champion

Krystyna Robin - David Wolfe - Chris Jafarieh

Krystyna Robin – David Wolfe – Chris Jafarieh

Cub Swanson MMA / #4 Featherweight in the World


Georgi Karakhanyan, WSOF Featherweight Champion


Robert Francois Former Linebacker and Super Bowl Champ for the Green Bay Packers

Glen Caulkins – Bodywork Session

ASP WCT World Surfing Champion – Sonny Garcia


Tim Bradley Jr WBO Welterweight Champion

Glen Caulkins – One Handed Handstand Breakdancing Move

Laila Amaria Ali – retired undefeated American professional boxer and daughter of heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali